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New Management, New Fusion Philosophy

隨著蒙特利公園市商業廣場 (Monterey Park Mall) 的重建竣工,當地歷史攸久的知名地標 NBC Seafood Restaurant, 在新經營團隊的掌理下,更新中文招牌以「海寶潮粵海鮮酒家」為華裔提供全新經營理念的餐飲服務。總經理陳長河表示, 「NBC 海寶」是舊班底結合新團隊,希望帶給舊雨新知全新的驚豔美食。

With the "Monterey Park Mall Commercial Plaza" completed the reconstruction, age-old well-known landmark "NBC Seafood Restaurant", under the new management team, updates the sign in Chinese as "Hoi Bo Chao Yue Seafood Restaurant". NBC offers a new philosophy for the ethnic Chinese catering services. Chan Cheng Ho, general manager, said, "NBC" is now running by the original team "fusion" with new management team, hoping to bring the old acquaintances stunning new cuisine.

NBC 海寶潮粵海鮮酒家是南加州元老級的廣式點心飲茶金招牌,此翻舊店新張,既保持了優良傳統, 也推出許多昇級或全新創意的精緻美點。首先 NBC 的舊雨最愛的滔滔馬拉糕仍是的QQ綿綿香香甜甜,目前不僅是白天的搶手美點, 也是晚餐客人的免費甜品。一般港式飲茶最代表性的點心之一「燒賣」,一籠有三至四個,海寶把「燒賣」昇級,一籠不但有五個, 而且有蟹黃、冬菇、干貝、鮮蝦等不同的口味,可供四至五位客人各取所好;「蝦餃」蝦脆帶Q,筍香也鮮脆, 縱橫點心界四十餘年的老店東連才表示,這是採用大蝦與鮮竹筍,用真材實料提昇品質的範例。


NBC is a well-known famous top-grade Southern California Cantonese-style dim sum restaurant. Now NBC is under the new management team, while maintaining the fine traditions, it also introduced a number of upgrades or new and innovative menu. First, the old NBC fan favorite Ma La Cake, while is still very crunchy and sweet and in high demand during dim sum hours, is also a free dessert for dinner guests. One of the most representative of general Hong Kong-style dim sum, "Shiu Mai", instead of three or four in one order, NBC upgrades it to five pieces per order. The rich roe, mushrooms, scallops, shrimp and other different flavors are available for 4-5 guests depicting appeal to their preferences. "Prawn Har Gow" is full of crispy shrimp, crunchy, and has mixed with crisp bamboo shoot. Having more than 40 years in Chinese dim-sum and cuisine, owner Kam Lin said that they have carefully chosen shrimp and fresh bamboo shoots to make the Har Gow, an example to show why their dim sum is delicious because of the fresh raw materials.


在目前競爭激烈的餐飲業中,從質量、服務、價位都不能輕忽之外,創意更不能或缺,舊地標新招牌 NBC 也準備了不少新法寶,其中最搶眼的綠茶紫薯角,與綠茶粉揉合的糯米皮包著有機香甜紫薯,製成翠角,色彩豔麗、香脆可口, 代表海寶的創意實力。對大型的潮粵酒家,白天的點心飲茶生意是金字塔的基底,生意能否往上衝頂,晚餐與宴席則是決勝關鍵。 「海寶潮粵海鮮酒家」在總經理陳長河帶領的新經營團隊的新理念運作下,也推出了富有創意與吸引力的新賣點, 準備搶攻從感恩節到農曆新年的「假日季節」。

In the current highly competitive Chinese restaurants, the quality, service, price can not be underestimated, and the creativity can not be missing too. The old landmark NBC also preparing for new signs and a lot of new magic. The most eye-catching "Green Purple Potato Gok", from the best of glutinous rice powder, green tea with organic sweet purple potato, made to a Gok, colorful, crisp and tasty, on behalf of the creative strength of the NBC Hoi Bo. To a large cantonese restaurant, dim sum business during the day is the pyramid base. Whether the business can up-hoisting, dinner and the banquet are the keys to victory. "NBC Seafood Restaurant", under the new general manager of Chan Cheng Ho-led management team of the new concept of operation, has introduced a new innovative and attractive selling point, ready to inroads from Thanksgiving to New Year's "holiday season".

「海寶」除了有全新金碧輝煌的宴席場地,先天的優勢之外,截取傳統精華, 日前重整推廣的「乳豬龍蝦餐」是物超所值的豪宴,菜色包括了:現烤乳豬半隻(約八磅)、龍皇魚肚羹、梨筍龍蝦球、龍鉗扒時蔬、 當紅蒜香雞、薑蔥龍蝦爪、臘味龍蝦湯丸、干燒伊麵、三色甜品。每席足十位用僅價$308。

"NBC Hoi Bo" In addition to the magnificent new banquet space, natural advantages, and the interception of the traditional essence, recently re-promoted "suckling pig with lobster combo meal". It's for 10 people with price only $308.


如果你是三倆知己前來小酌,則不要放過海寶的「888家鄉風味菜」,其中包括:蝦干魚肚浸菜苗、 什菌豬軟骨煲、琵琶燒乳鴿、海寶小炒皇、蒜片大豆苗、泰汁班塊、金銀海鮮、胡椒豬肚湯等,皆以特價$9.88供應, 而壓軸的招牌龍蝦伊麵也僅價$12.88。如果人數稍多,不妨加道新創的鮮蟹焗糯米飯,或潮式醬爆海篸,皆屬質量並重、物超所值的佳餚。


If you are two of three good friends and have dinner, NBC has a lot of different delicious entrees which will fulfill your different tastes. The most famous entress like Lobster with noodle, Crab over lotus leef sweet rice are definitely unique and delicious.

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